BroadcastCenterKatyThe SVN Broadcast Center takes technology on the road to major ed-tech conferences and associations around the country. Staffed by local students of TV production, the Broadcast Center serves as a prototype studio that any school could implement.

“We had four objectives in mind when we originally created the concept of the Broadcast Center”, says John Churchman, publisher of School Video News. “First, as an eMagazine devoted to TV and Video Production in the K-12 environment, we wanted to create a showcase for products that could be implemented at any grade level. Second, we wanted to create a lab environment in which local schools could participate in the production of programming for the conference which could include producing stories featuring topical conference events, interviews, and streaming of live coverage such as keynote speeches. Third, the Broadcast Center can facilitate distribution of safe programming and moderated content sharing through SchoolTube, and finally, The Broadcast Center affords the hosting conference the ability to create content for other organization functions, such as next year’s event.”

What is the SVN Broadcast Center?

The original design of the Broadcast Center was a joint effort between School Video News and Ross Video's Inception a leader in Newsroom Management Systems. The assignment was to create a studio that could be replicated at any event. The Broadcast Center is ideally staged in a 20’ x 30’ exhibit space but can be scaled down to a 15’ x 20’ if space is a consideration.

Working closely with the hosting organization planning a major conference, SVN quickly assumes the role of a "Media Sponsor" and begins coordinating all aspects of the Broadcast Center including local TV Production students as crew and talent, space planning, electronic (ENG) news gathering, reporter assignments, and guest interview coordination.

At some events, The Broadcast Center is the focal point for student news teams gathering stories from the conference. Student reporters plan and produce their stories at the on-site conference news room. Facilities offered include virtual news sets through the use of green screen techniques, complete lighting and audio, and live streaming to the Internet. Content can be posted on SVN-TV, a moderated site for school content, the conference website and, by arrangement, used in other media.

Suggested Floor Plan

BCFloorPlanFinalOptimally, 600 square feet (20' x 30' footprint) should be allocated for the Broadcast Center. We have found that putting the Broadcast Center in a high traffic area OFF the exhibit floor will attract more attention and does not take away from revenue producing exhibit space. A good location is near the Registration area.


Your Organization Should be Prepared to Provide:

• 40A Electrical service, high speed internet connections (if we live stream content), necessary drayage and incidentals at the Broadcast Center venue such as chairs, tables, draping. (SVN will coordinate lighting, studio equipment and signage).
• Scan-tron (or other system) for the collection of information on visitors to the Broadcast Center.
• High-Speed Internet connection in locations where streaming will originate
• Three sleeping rooms at one of the convention hotels.
• Nominal expenses, for shipping, etc. of equipment and personnel.
• School Video News listed as Media Sponsor.
• Streaming provider (if streaming is utilized) listed as Media Sponsor or Event Sponsor.
• Program Guide insertion highlighting the Broadcast Center and its function at the conference.
• A designated “point person” with whom to coordinate all activities prior to and during the event.

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What the Broadcast Center Brings to Your Organization

• The Broadcast Center can boost value  to your sponsors and exhibitors by highlighting their support of your event in a video package 
• Increase membership and attendance through interviews with first-time and repeate attendees
• Stimulate interest in your organization's initiatives through video stories and intervie
• Publisize your award winners using taped interviews and video content
• Promote your special events through video coverage
• School Video News will publish articles preceding the Event Registration deadline and again after the event 
• Video/Edit/Upload of selected sessions to selected media sharing sites for immediate and future review 
• Broadcast Center will hype upcoming sessions and recap finished sessions via strategically placed flat screens in Broadcast Center area.

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Broadcast Center Equipment

The typical Broadcast Center configuration consists of:

* Studio lighting
* 2 Wireless mics with audio mixer
* Video mixer
* 2 HD video cameras with tripods
* Tally Lights

Optional Equipment:

* Green or blue screen for virtual sets
* Third Camera
* Teleprompters for each camera
* Jib for dramatic camera movement
* Large monitors for audience viewing
* Trusswork