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One of the most widely-read and popular sections of School Video News is our School Profiles section.  Divided into 4 categories: Elementary, Middle, High Schools and Colleges/Universities, we share with you what others have done.

Whether its doing morning announcements from a library table to broadcasting from a studio that rivals many networks, SVN talks to the teachers who are dedicated to exposing their students to the world of TV/Video Production and Broadcast Journalism.  

In our College and University section, we cover the courses and degrees offered, the facilities in which the students learn, campus/student life including dorms and extra-curricular activities, and admission/acceptance criteria.


Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Started as a quarterly, regional newsletter, School Video News has grown in popularity and content since its inception last year, and is now a monthly ePublication. Originally published as a four page product oriented newsletter featuring recommendations and a single case study, SVN has expanded coverage to include articles on all aspects of K-12 video production: lighting and audio, set construction/design tips, editing, increasing production values, case studies, projects and profiles of other schools. In addition to technical articles by industry professionals, there are product reviews, student projects, event coverage, and industry/academic news as they relate to TV/Video production.

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College / University Profiles

Our College and University Profiles are comprised of four sections:

A description of the courses offered or the degree offered; A description of your faculty, facilities and equipment that is available to the student; Student Life which talks about campus living, dorms (if available) recreational opportunities, etc; And finally, entry requirements, the application process, fees (If you want to discuss them).

We ask for lots of pics for each of the four sections in jpg format, roughly 640 x 480 in size. These are especially helpful in selling your school as students love to see the environment in which they will be learning. Campus pics also show the environment of the school.

A logo or two of the school and any necessary links to get readers to your site easily.

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