OC03SVN MEDIA SKILLS includes lesson plans, curriculum, and projects which educators can use to supplement their classroom or studio materials.

In many cases, teachers who with little or no TV production experience or training are being put in the role of creating not just a curriculum, but in some cases an entire production facility. The primary goal is to give instructors the resources which will expose, train and nurture an on-going technical competence and understanding in those students that demonstrate an aptitude and interest in TV production as a possible career after graduation.

With most of the content in SVN MEDIA SKILLS we have strived to include related material, both reading and video content, that will expand a students' knowledge or experience base. Either in the form of articles or mini-projects or video tutorials developed by educators or industry professionals, these are all readily available to you and your students. All text material can be printed out for classroom hand-out use.

Basic TV Production

Six modules on Basic TV Production

Camera Shots and Angles - 5-6 class periods

Lighting a Set - 3 class periods

Effective Audio - 3 class periods

Crew Assignments - 4-5 class periods

ChromaKey - 5 class periods

Using Storyboards - 6 class periods

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Broadcast Graphics

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Broadcast Journalism

Seven modules on Broadcast Journalism

Defining a Code of Ethics - class periods

Ethical Considerations - class periods

The Basics of Interviewing - class periods

Primary and Secondary Sources - class periods

Types of News Stories - class periods

Spreading the Story - class periods

Editing: Fair and Balanced Reporting - class periods

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The Spot for Lotsa Plots

Sixteen modules on creative scriptwriting

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